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Indeed, scientific metaphors and analogies surface regularly in the text which, as noted earlier, is easy khổng lồ follow with persistence on the part of the reader but is strangely unrewarding. The main reason for this is that any sustained argument is notable by its absence, several of the chapters following Chapter 3 having the appearance of relatively self-contained papers. This effect is heightened by the aforementioned tendency on the part of the authors to lớn detour into scientific or quasi-scientific concepts & analogies without really drawing out the significance of such discussion … — Roy C. Wood, Service Industries Journal, October 1997 The banner front page headline in last Sunday"s Day proclaimed authoritatively "To many, casino has eroded quality of life." Had objectivity ruled, the aforementioned headline leading off the series might have read: "To most, casino has either improved or not affected quality of life one whit." — The Day, 24 Oct. 1993 The aforementioned book is the author"s most famous work. with the aforementioned reservation, I would recommend the play for serious-minded theatergoers

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Recent Examples on the web Six of those seven batters went on to score, most of them in the aforementioned disastrous start against Anaheim. — James Yasko, Chron, 13 May 2022 black artists last won back-to-back album of the year awards when Ray Charles’ posthumous smash Genius Loves Company won in 2005, one year after OutKast’s aforementioned double-album opus took the prize. — Paul Grein, Billboard, 13 May 2022 Bella"s professional ideal is the icy, glamorous Ava (played by the aforementioned Evelyn Claire), the Gina Gershon to lớn her Elizabeth Berkley, to put the backstage drama in familiar terms. — Mark Asch, The Week, 13 May 2022 The Republican Party, like all those aforementioned, TV channels, have also mightily strayed from their initial agenda.

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— Daniel Kreps, Rolling Stone, 19 Mar. 2022 DeSantis" swift rise has not gone unnoticed by his most famous constituent: the aforementioned former President, who will address the annual gathering of conservatives Saturday on its final evening. — Steve Contorno and Jeff Zeleny, CNN, 24 Feb. 2022 The treatment hydrates your skin & through the aforementioned opening & softening process, allows your following skincare products lớn penetrate deeper & thereby work better. — Tamim Alnuweiri,, đôi mươi Jan. 2022 This false narrative created by those aforementioned stereotypes has led many of us khổng lồ pursue a public life that inspires people of all sizes lớn live every day to lớn the fullest. — Allure, 4 May 2022 Cue the aforementioned cameos, which won’t be spoiled here. — John Defore, The Hollywood Reporter, 3 May 2022 See More

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