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The proposals would amend the Insolvency Act of 1986 to prevent potentially viable small businesses from being forced into receivership.
Written procedures are then evaluated và amended if necessary to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.
Nitrification was significantly increased in soils amended with ammonium or with ammonium plus phosphorus, suggesting that nitrification is substrate-limited.
European courts confirmed their position that administrative guidelines, which have an abstract-general scope of application, may not be implicitly amended by decisions in individual cases.
However, this simple contextualisation game needs khổng lồ be amended when combinations of games are considered.
In both periods, nurses made almost 50% of interventions, & 40% of these prescriptions were amended; for pharmacist interventions, this figure was 60%.
Thus, the project presented to lớn the congress was amended in significant ways to accommodate the radical convictions of most deputies.
Yet more improvement is possible, hence the next generation of cupholders is amended accordingly; và so on.
Consequently, it is desirable to amend the tree extraction procedure khổng lồ adequately represent them in the resulting extracted grammar.
When people wake up, they might recall or amend these mentations as if they had been experienced during sleep.
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a person or organization whose job is lớn keep works of art, important buildings, or valuable cultural objects in good condition

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