Dưới đó là những mẫu mã câu tất cả chứa tự "disguise", trong cỗ từ điển từ bỏ điển giờ Anh. Bạn có thể tham khảo hầu hết mẫu câu này để đặt câu trong trường hợp cần đặt câu với từ bỏ disguise, hoặc tìm hiểu thêm ngữ cảnh thực hiện từ disguise trong cỗ từ điển từ bỏ điển tiếng Anh

1. You disguise yourself.

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2. A blessing in disguise.

3. A Blessing in Disguise?

4. His disguise didn"t fool anyone.

5. Someone"s trying khổng lồ disguise himself.

6. It"s a spaceship in disguise!

7. Take down the surface disguise.

8. Nobody saw through his disguise.

9. The star travelled in disguise .

10. They scratched it to lớn disguise.

11. I couldn"t disguise my anger.

12. Luther was the devantaidongphat.coml in disguise.

13. Disguise Disguise your steps with feints that make the opponent blink, or which divert his attention elsewhere.

14. This false beard is his disguise.

15. You"ll have to lớn travel in disguise.

16. He was a master of disguise.

17. He is a master of disguise.

18. The chairman tried khổng lồ disguise his mortification.

19. He was wearing that ridiculous disguise.

20. Afflictions are sometimes blessings in disguise.

21. Prayer without expectancy is unbelief in disguise.

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22. They only disguise as if they do.

23. You"re going to lớn need a better disguise.

24. It might be a blessing in disguise.

25. Unlike anorexia nervosa, bulimia survantaidongphat.comves by disguise.

26. Complex questions can be simple tasks in disguise.

27. Such implacability may simply disguise shyness or arrogance.

28. She couldn"t disguise the fact that she felt uncomfortable.

29. "Tax reform" is just a tax increase in disguise.

30. But disguise of every sort is my abhorrence.

31. So-called " disaster " is merely opportunity in disguise.

32. She made no attempt to disguise her surprise.

33. She couldn"t disguise her glee at their discomfiture.

34. He went among the drug dealers in disguise.

35. I didn"t recognize him: he was in disguise.

36. Cruel seductress , devantaidongphat.coml in disguise as an angel.

37. Well, maybe this is a blessing in disguise.

38. Some said he was a toff in disguise.

39. Being cut loose was a blessing in disguise.

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40. Unlike anorexia nervosa,(http://Sentencedict.com) bulimia survantaidongphat.comves by disguise.