In practice là gì


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Từ điển Collocation

practice noun

1 actual doing of sth

VERB + PRACTICE put sth into I can”t wait lớn put what I”ve learned into practice.

PREP. in ~ The idea sounds fine in theory, but would it work in practice?

2 doing sth many times

ADJ. basketball, catching, piano, etc. | target

VERB + PRACTICE do, get (in), have I”ll be able lớn get in a bit of practice this weekend. I”ve had a lot of practice in saying ‘no’ recently! | need, require, take Don”t worry if you can”t do it at first?it takes practice! | give sb This chapter gives students practice in using adjectives.

PRACTICE + NOUN ground | game, session

PREP. out of ~ If you don”t play regularly you soon get out of practice. | with ~ His accent should improve with practice. | ~ at practice at swimming underwater | ~ in The children need more practice in tying their shoelaces.

PHRASES be good practice for sth It will be good practice for later, when you have lớn make speeches in public.

3 way of doing sth


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good adopting current best practices in your business | corrupt, sharp, unethical, unfair | discriminatory, restrictive | accepted, common, current, established, normal, standard, universal, usual, widespread It is standard practice not to lớn pay bills until the kết thúc of the month. | local | cultural, legal, medical, religious, sexual the medical practices of ancient Egypt | accounting, administrative, business, employment, management, working studying Japanese working practices

VERB + PRACTICE introduce The practice of community policing was introduced in the 1970s. | adopt, follow, use | promote | change, modify Established practices are difficult lớn modify. | ban, outlaw, prevent, prohibit, stop

PRACTICE + VERB begin | continue the ancient custom of log rolling, a practice which continues khổng lồ this day | change, develop, evolve

PREP. ~ of the practice of acupuncture

PHRASES a change in/of practice changes in employment practices | a code of practice voluntary codes of practice between sellers and customers | make a practice of sth I don”t make a practice of forgetting to lớn pay my bills, I assure you!

4 work/office of a professional person

ADJ. successful | legal, medical, professional | general (= medicine of a non-specialized type, not in a hospital), private (= accepting paying patients) | group It”s a group practice, so you can easily change doctors.

VERB + PRACTICE be in, go into, set up in She wants to go into general practice. | retire from | suspend sb from He has been suspended from practice, pending legal investigations. | open, start She has opened a new practice in the town. | run He runs a successful legal practice in Ohio. | join A new partner has joined the practice. | leave

Từ điển WordNet


the exercise of a profession

the practice of the law

I took over his practice when he retired

knowledge of how something is usually done

it is not the local practice lớn wear shorts lớn dinner


English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

practices|practiced|practicingsyn.: condition drill exercise prepare rehearse repeat trainant.: theory