The protesters were told to clear the area around the building, on penalty of arrest (= or be arrested) if they did not.

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a type of punishment, often involving paying money, that is given to lớn you if you break an agreement or bởi not follow rules:
Currently, ticket holders pay a penalty equal khổng lồ 25 percent of the ticket price when they change their flight plans.
an advantage given in some sports lớn a team or player when the opposing team or player breaks a rule:

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exit/early-withdrawal/fixed penalty Savers who try to lớn cash in their bonds in the first five years will usually face fixed penalty charges.
impose/introduce a penalty Regulators prevented the broadband operator from imposing a penalty on customers defecting khổng lồ other providers.

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abolish/oppose/seek the death penalty Several US states have considered bills that would abolish the death penalty.



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