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Is it bad/rude lớn start an email by “Please be informed” when you want convey a message/information lớn a group?”Once the game is over the king và the pawn go back in the same box” It”s not at all bad or rude – as long as it is a very formal, business setting.One wouldn”t use it informally or among friends, In my understanding, if it isn”t rude, it isn”t polite too and smells lượt thích being said in a mechanical manner & having the element of some threat. In business communications, I”d like to express this as….1. It is brought to lớn your kind notice that ….2. I”d like to inform you that …3. It is submitted for your kind information that …

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towan52Posted: Thursday, March 14, 2013 10:33:48 AM
It could be construed as a little patronising, especially in an thư điện tử where the tone is generally less formal than in a business letter. I would use something like: “I’m pleased lớn let you know that…” also “FYI” is often used in my particular business environment amongst people who work closely together. Lashari, your suggestions seem lớn reflect the manner of speaking & writing English on the sub-continent, but may be considered a little over-embellished (and, hence, insincere) in the western world.

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leonAzulPosted: Thursday, March 14, 2013 11:17:14 AM
Is it bad/rude khổng lồ start an e-mail by “Please be informed” when you want convey a message/information khổng lồ a group?“Once the game is over the king & the pawn go back in the same box”It very much depends on the context in which it is written.I, for one, would not be butt-hurt about it. The acronym FYI (for your information) can also be abused. There is a certain need for charity when interpreting the intentions expressed in what others have written. This is especially applicable when the medium is email. Communications via electronic truyền thông are often curt, and the nuances of courtesy are not as well developed as they had been for hand- or type-written messages. Thanks you all for your inputs. Your comments were indeed very much helpful. “Once the trò chơi is over the king and the pawn go back in the same box” Hi!Now that Pacific-Passions has received good answers, and is satisfied, I wish khổng lồ register a complaint…The word “advise” means “to give advice”. “Advice” is one”s opinion as to which choice to lớn make – an opinion.I happened khổng lồ be in the bank today và was repeatedly told that I was being informed as to the many insurance plans available, I was not being advised to lớn choose any specific one.

When I receive an thư điện tử “Please be advised that Mr Brown called you today, while you were out.”, I always feel lượt thích replying “OK – so what is your advice? That I should hotline him back, or ignore it?””Informed” would be better, but khổng lồ me it still sounds a little “stilted” or “affected”.Why not just say:”I wanted khổng lồ tell you that Mr Brown called.” or, to lớn be official & formal,”re – message””Mr Brown called while you were at lunch.”? I second your thoughts DragOnSpeaker, the word advise can be used only if it”s apt in the context, definitely cannot replace informed in all scenarios.”Once the trò chơi is over the king và the pawn go back in the same box” OK, on reflection I think “informed” is better than “advised”, especially as “advised” carries legal connotations, in the UK at least. But I still feel that “informed” can be taken the wrong way. Why not just say “Please Note”? Very informative conversation!Can someone please give the grammatical explanation on why the verb “inform” should be on the past tense, or simply why is it that “be” always followed by a verb on its past tense form?Thanks!Jay Hi jay!Please be informed that I answered in your new thread (I think that it was a wise choice to lớn start the new thread, it is rather a different subject).I also wanted to phản hồi that I like lashari“s phrasing, which I had not noticed before:“… it smells lượt thích …””Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”Back khổng lồ top

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