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REPORTED SPEECH WITH INFINITIVE:1. Ask + O + to lớn V // order + O + lớn V : bảo ai thao tác gì2. Advise + O + to lớn V : khuyên nhủ ai làm việc gì3. Invite + O + khổng lồ V : mời ai có tác dụng gi4. Remind + O + to lớn V : cảnh báo ai có tác dụng gì5. Promise + khổng lồ V : hứa hẹn với ai sẽ làm gì6. Urge + O + lớn V : lôi kéo ai có tác dụng gì7. Warn + O + (not) khổng lồ V : chú ý ai không được thiết kế gìREPORTED SPEECH WITH GERUND:1. Dream of + V-ing : mơ về2. Deny + V-ing : che nhận thao tác làm việc gì3. Look forward to lớn + V-ing : ao ước đợi..4. Accuse + O + V-ing : cáo buộc ai có tác dụng gì5. Insist on + V-ing : khăng khăng làm việc gì6. Prevent + O + from + V-ing : rào cản ai làm cho gì7. Congratulate + O + on + V-ing : chúc mừng ai về việc gì8. Apology (to O) + for + V-ing : xin lỗi ai vì bài toán gì9. Admit + V-ing : chính thức đã làm cho gì10. Suggest + V-ing : ý kiến đề xuất làm gìĐỔI TRẠNG TỪ trong CÂU TƯỜNG THUẬT:today ---> that day next week ---> the week after/ the following weektonight ---> that night now ---> then tomorrow ---> the day after/ the following dayago ---> before yesterday ---> the day before/ the previous day this ---> that these ---> those last week ---> the week before here --->there the previous weekGợI Ý CÁCH LÀM BÀI:Bước 1: Đọc kỹ câu trực tiếp, xác minh NGÔI, THÌ với TRẠNG TỪ (để gồm thayđổi phù hợp).Bước 2: xác định động tự tường thuật cùng giới từ bỏ theo sau (nếu có) (giới từ hoàn toàn có thể theo tức thì sau động từ trần thuật hoặc sau túc từ).Bước 3: khẳng định động từ cần thêm – to hoặc ING, để túc tự (người/vật được tường thuật) vào sau động từ trần thuật (nếu có).Bước 4: Đặt động từ bao gồm thêm lớn hoặc - ING (sau cồn từ tường thuật hoặc giới từ)._ phương pháp chung khi đổi sang câu tường thuật với ToS + V (+ O) + to lớn V_ cách làm chung khi đổi qua câu tường thuật với V-ing:S + V (+ O) (+ prep) + V-ingEXERCISE1.“Please type this letter for me” The director said to hissecretary..2. “Lie down on the floor” The robbers said khổng lồ everybody at the bank.3. “If I were you, I wouldn’t buy that second-hand car.” Said John.4. “Would you like to go out for dinner with me?” said Mary..5. “Don’t forget khổng lồ come to the meeting tomorrow.” Said the manager.6. “I’ll try my best lớn look for that book for you” Jim promised.7. “We really must stay together.” Said the Trade Union Officer..8. “Don’t cảm ứng that wire with your wet hand.” said the teacher. 9. “I’ll always wish to lớn become a good doctor.” said Linda.10. “No, of course not. I didn’t damage your computer.” said Peter..11. “ I can’t wait until August khổng lồ go khổng lồ Paris for my holiday.” said my sister..12. “You stole the money I put on the table this morning.” said my brother..13. “No, let me pay for the meal. Not you.” David insisted.14. “You’ve won the gold medal. Congratulation!” said the teacher.15. I’m terribly sorry. I was so impolite to lớn you yesterday.” said my friend..16. “Yes. You’re right. I broke the vase when cleaning the table.” said she..17. “Let’s go to lớn the beach.” said she..18. “You should Join the football team, Eric.” The teacher encouraged19. “We’ll come back again.” (promise)...20. “You’d better not swim too far from the shore” (advise)21. “ I feel lượt thích meeting our children soon.” Said Mrs Bike. (looked forward to)22. “Could you close the window?” (ask)23. “you should go trang chủ and rest for a while.” (advise)24. “You should not drink beer.” (advise)25. “ Come & see me whenever you want.” (invite)26. “ Please don’t smoke in my car.” (order)27. “ Sue, give me your phone number.” (tell)28. “ I’ll never vị it again” (promise)29. “All right. I’ll wair for you.” (agree)30. Stay here! You mustn’t leave the shop. (stop)31. “ The house is very nice.! We’ll certainly buy it.” Said his wife. (were thinking of)32. Why don’t we stay at home for a change? I suggested33. Shall we invite our friends on Sunday? vì chưng you consider..?34. Are you going to lớn the seaside this summer?Have you planned on? Change the following sentences into reported speech:1. “Come và see me if you have time.” He said khổng lồ us.2. “ Don’t forget lớn send your parents my regard.” She said.3. Mary said: “I have finished studying my lesson.”................................................................................................................................4. My friend said “Are you going to leave tomorrow?”5. “Why were you late yesterday morning?”6. The traveller asked: “How long does it take to get lớn Paris?”7. Ann said: “I must go trang chủ now.8. “Who put salt in my coffee?” said she.9. He said to me: “You can keep this one if you like.”10. “If I were you, I’d stop smoking.11. “Have your passport ready in your hand.” The custom officer said khổng lồ the passengers.12. “I didn’t know them. Did you, John?” she asked.13. “Don’t take more than two of these at once.” Said the doctor, handing me a bottle of pills.14. “It’s a very night evening. Why don’t we go for a walk.” Mary suggested.15. Rachel said: “I work for a small publishing company.”16. “I’m their sale manager.” Said he.17. “The company has opened an office in Barcelona.” Said her.18. “ It’s been very successful.” He said.19. He said: “I’ve been chosen khổng lồ run a new office in Marid.20. “I’m studying Spanish in the evenings.” said he.21. He said: “I don’t have enough time to lớn enjoy myself.”22. He said: “I haven’t had linch with a friend for ages.”23. He said: “ I hope my friend will come và visit me in Marid.”24. He said: “I went there last week with my secretary.”25. He said: “We didn’t have much time for sightseeing.”26. He said: “I have to get back to work now.”..27. “Where are you going?” asked Tom.28. “Where are you going to lớn spend your holiday?” asked Mike.29. “What will you vày when you leave school?” said Jenifer..30. “How did you know my name?” the nurse asked the patient..31. “Do you have an appointment?” said the clerk.32. “Have you seen my keys?” said Bernard khổng lồ his wife.33. “Why didn’t Isabel phone me?” ask he.34. “Will you carry my briefcase for me, Jim?” said Richard.35. “When can I see the doctor?” Charles asked the receiptionist.36. “I’m going to lớn Paris soon” she said..37. “The film will be interesting.” I thought...38. “I can’t help you because I have too much khổng lồ do.” She said..39. “Anna has bought the ticket.” Said he..40. “Breakfast is served between 7.00 và 9.00.” the receiptionist explained..41. “I went lớn Oxford University in the 1960s.” he said...42. “I’ve never been to America.” She said lớn me...43. “Do you want to lớn go out for a meal?” she asked...44. “Why are you late?” they asked her..45. “Can I use your phone?” asked she...46. “Where have you come from?” the police said lớn him...47. “How long are you going khổng lồ be on holiday?” she asked...48. “When do you have to lớn go khổng lồ work?” she asked...49. “Did you post my letter.” He said to lớn me...50. “Will you be back early?” he asked her..